Do what you love. Or, not.

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“Do what you love” seems like sound advice for a happy life. But, is it?

The idea is that if you make you’re living doing what you love, work will feel like play and all your days will be filled with rainbows and kittens. The problem is that work is always work. By definition, work has to do with labor, effort, and exertion. I have both Yankee and Puritan blood in my veins, but I still don’t wake up looking forward to a day of hard labor.

I wrote a little about “doing what you love” in my latest weekend edition. This blog, for example, is a labor of love. I am not coerced into writing my posts. Neither am I compensated in any traditional sense. And yet, I willingly (even happily) show up here week after week. I love being here. I…

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