stop what you’re doing and pick up a book and read even if its just for an hour

Hello from me to you

6a00d83451e1f069e2010536ccb321970bindexIn such a busy world, or so we are lead to believe with the amount of technology we own and feel tied to. To our jobs that require more and more of us, we forget to take time out and do what we love, whether its photography, cooking, playing or watching football, chatting with friends, we forget to make time for ourselves. Recently I read an article about taking an hour out of each day to do the one thing you loved most. One of mine is reading, but this year I keep losing my reading mojo, I’m either too tired mentally and physically I just want to numb my brain with the internet or TV or something else gets in the way. Last week when  visiting Mum I had the lurgy. Although I did read my illness made me miss obvious signs the author was telling me. Today after…

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