Meet the People Who Heal Burns With ‘Magic’



It sounds like magic but  thousands of cases of people in Switzerland have seen their burns miraculously healed , just by asking for it over the phone. The so-called “Carriers of the Secret” or “Fire-Cutters” are believed to possess an otherworldly gift. In some Swiss regions, turning to them is so ordinary that pharmacies and hospitals provide their phone numbers.

Like the rest of the fire-cutters, he doesn’t charge a single centime for his service. ‘We receive it freely so we give it freely,’ he explains.

“I don’t understand it but it works,” says Mireille Lineham, a small-town pharmacist who claims to have seen Carriers of the Secret help cure a number of severe burns. “I’m naturally a skeptic but it’s just miraculous.”

So what’s “the Secret”? A religious prayer that dates back to the Middle Ages — some say it’s even older — and is passed down through generations, commonly used to heal burns but also to stop bleeding, reduce pain and cure skin conditions.

Despite its esoteric nature in the age of reason, the practice is still widespread in many Catholic and rural regions of Switzerland …

Meet the People Who Heal Burns With ‘Magic’.

Meet the People Who Heal Burns With ‘Magic’

Meet the People Who Heal Burns With ‘Magic’

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The Top 100 Self-Improvement Blogs for 2014


Leading By Example

Instead of feeling outraged and acting on our anger in a negative way, we can lead by example. Watch someone slam a store door on an elderly person? Hold it open for them and help them with their bags. No one on the bus is giving up their seat for the pregnant woman? Stand up and give up yours. Without any expectations, without judgment, without self-righteousness. Do it because you feel it’s the right thing to do. Because you want to be proud of your behavior.

The best part about this course of action is that it’s two-fold: we get to try our best and be proud of our actions, behaving in a way that displays responsibility and contentiousness, and we get to set an example for others, without judgment or lecturing – we can lead simply by doing, and concentrate on our behavior instead of focusing on the actions of others. And the truth is, we have all been there – we have all been tired/lost/cranky/in a funk/angry (you name it, we’re all human), and made choices that, looking back, make us cringe…… by Breath of Optimism, awarded as on of the


The Top 100 Self-Improvement Blogs for 2014.,  Stay with us!!!


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This is how MUCH Note-Taking does Help You Organize (better)

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We’ve all heard great note-taking skills are a huge benefit to learning and being organized, but what exactly is the science behind it? Does it matter if you use a laptop vs. pen and paper? What are the best note-taking methods? What percentage of people take notes? Turns out, there’s more than one answer. (Yes, it’s totally fine to use your laptop if your teacher allows it.)

Course Hero breaks down the science of note-taking from real research studies and proven methods to give you the low-down on writing it down. Learn why note-taking is better than just listening, how learning is being digitized, and how to take notes like a pro.

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