Oh, Hug me, deep! 

Breathing in harmony with another body pressed against yours is a wondrous experience.

A long, deeper embrace you’re willing to share just might be medicine to the person you’re embracing.

Hugs are physically and emotionally healthy for you—oxytocin, dopamine, bonding, decreased stress, and so many more are the biological and emotional effects of a true hug.

But often, we quickly disconnect our hugs because we’re afraid of holding the other beyond their comfort zone.

Once the embrace has begun, rather than immediately unplug the hug before an authentic embrace has even happened, simply take a deep breath.

Allow yourself at least one deep breath before you even think about releasing.  You might find both bodies spontaneously synchronize to each other’s breathing.

The act of hugging is an inherently vulnerable act. As we open our arms, we expose our chest, our very heart, to the person before us. It’s a complete gesture

Follow directions, by Bryan Reeves, on  The Eightfold Path to a Truly Great Hug