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The colorful Greek Festival shook the North Attica suburbs since noon time this year, Saturday June 17th, inviting thousands of joyful attendees to give color  to their dreams and days…

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This is Why Traveling Solo in Greece empowers your inner strength 

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Wandering through the clusters of beautiful white and blue buildings that make up the Greek Isles is an ideal solo activity. You can also lounge on the beach or go for a boat tour to see the surrounding islands.
wrote businessinsider recently, picking Greece as one of  the best places to travel alone


People who travel solo possess great mental strength, and this is one thing all solo travelers have in common . in the “People Who Travel Solo All Share This Admirable Characteristic” article by trekeffect the editor explains how traveling frees the mind as well as it teaches the traveler to celebrate every breath.

Increased mental strength: the biggest benefit of solo travel

One of the biggest upsides of traveling alone is the power it holds to stimulate psychological growth. After returning from a major solo trip, you are going to feel like your life has changed for the better. Not only will you come back home with a ton of new friends and pleasant memories, but you’ll also become wiser, smarter and mentally stronger.

They can have a blast even when nobody’s around

 You are going to be tremendously empowered, once you realize that you’re capable of having a swell time without relying on somebody else to either approve of your choices or generate ideas for your activities. As a matter of fact, you may even prefer to spend more time by yourself than be enslaved to the choices of others. After all, people who travel solo don’t depend on anyone for a good time.

Traveling alone breeds enlightenment

When you venture by your lonesome into the unknown, your senses will be in overdrive. Humans are in general never more perceptive than when they are deeply involved with the unfamiliar – it is a survival mechanism.

Therefore, solo travel lets you recognize and absorb far more than you would if you go with a bunch of companions. You sense, learn and feel more than you would ever expect.

Individual trips help you shed naïveté about the globe, broadening your perspectives while making you more aware keenly of your idiosyncrasies and vulnerabilities.

People who travel solo are self-reliant and adaptable

Being responsible solely for your enjoyment and well-being helps develop self-reliance. When you travel for a significant amount of time, you are likely to bump into obstacle and difficulties. And what matters is not whether you face them, but how you overcome these challenges.

They know how to communicate effectively with others

There are cultural differences and language barriers that you need to overcome with a little patience and ingenuity, as you travel solo. But, this will create a positive effect of making you a whole more willing meet others halfway, whether at home or abroad

They know they can trust themselves

 It’s all down to you where you will stay, how you will finance the trip, what you will do, and where you will go. Travel entails making plenty of choices, so having the utter freedom to make them all on your own will compel you to develop a self-image as a competent and trustworthy person.


Travel solo increases self-awareness and reduces stress

Make no mistake about it – there will be times you’ll feel extremely lonely, as you travel solo. Even if you’re surrounded completely by people, loneliness can sometimes creep in, especially if you’re in places where communication is difficult and no one speaks your native tongue.

The experience, however, will also help you understand the important difference between feeling alone and being alone.

Loneliness and solitude aren’t the same. Loneliness depletes the spirit as well as increases your feelings of isolation. Solitude, on the other hand, increases your self-awareness and ultimately makes you feel more connected with the whole world. We’re never truly alone, but it is fairly difficult to recognize it, without the ample amount of time to reflect on it.

Humans are essentially social creatures, and the truth is we can’t survive without the presence of other individuals. But, in seeking out company, we sometimes fail to recognize the merits of solitude.

According to recent research, mindfulness meditation – or the practice of intently focusing on the present – can significantly decrease anxiety, as it helps reduce cortisol – a stress hormone.

The increased awareness that comes with solo travel, coupled with the excitement of new fun experiences, focuses unconsciously your mind on the present.

Ultimately, you start to let go of the past together with the regrets and pain that usually come with it.  And at the same time, you stop worrying much about your future.

Vacation Health Benefits Including Changing Your Brain, Genes – Dr. Axe

For starters, just planning a vacation can actually boost happiness levels. Whether it’s from the anticipation of the unknown or the excitement of planning time away, getting ready for a holiday can increase happiness in participants of one study for about 8 weeks before going away. (3)

But the real magic occurs when you vacation. Being in a new environment, particularly abroad, affects how our neural pathways respond to things – also known asneuroplasticity – and can make us more creative. When we’re in our normal, day-to-day lives, our brains can go on autopilot: they know how things work and where places are. But when our brains are exposed to new sounds, tastes and cultures, different synapses fire off in your brain, revitalizing our minds and encouraging us to try new things, if only because you’ll have to. (4)

Maybe you’re not too keen on getting in touch with your creative side. Going on vacation will help you physically, too. The Framingham Heart Study, which began in 1948 and is still going strong, found that women who took vacations just once every six years were nearly 8 times as likely to have a heart attack than those who took one at least every two years. (5)

Vacation health benefits can change your health on a genetic level, according to science.

A recent study published in Translational Psychiatry found that both taking a vacation and meditating actually make an impact on our molecular networks. The study followed 94 healthy women between the ages of 30 to 60 years old. They all stayed at the same resort, with half simply on vacation and the other half following a meditation training program. To better understand the “meditation effect,” the scientists behind the study also followed a group of 30 experienced meditators also staying at the retreat the same week. (1)

The research team looked at changes in 20,000 genes to figure out which genes changed during and after the resort trip. The results showed that spending a week at the resort significantly changed the molecular network patterns of participants in all the groups — the vacationers, the beginner meditators and the experienced meditators.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the most notable gene activity was in those areas relating to stress response and immune function. And a month after the experience was over, those newbie meditators were riding the relaxation wave with fewer symptoms of depression alongside visible stress relief compared to the non-meditating vacationers.

Essentially, while it seems logical that taking a vacation or engaging in heavy meditation would reduce stress, this is one of the first times that researchers have been able to pinpoint large changes in the body’s genes in a short amount of time.


Source: Vacation Health Benefits Including Changing Your Brain, Genes – Dr. Axe

Change your Brain in Greece! the Blue Space Effect


For those who might have wondered why Greece does immediately make us happy , the reasons are one by one identified and proved by science. Blue space effect is of the primary ones . And it’s obvious.  In sight and in practice

It is  the impact of the sea, rivers, lakes on our happiness and well-being that is referred to as blue space and is being more and more often researched nowadays by neuro-scientists and psychologists

 Wallace J. Nichols, a marine biologist, has discussed and published the different ways bodies of water really can positively affect us and many psychologists have researched how just having blue space in front of you can boost your mental health.

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Top #destination of a lifetime, #Atlantis bookshop in #Santorini, best in the world by National Geographic


According to the National Geographic list of the top 10 bookstores in the world published in the book Destinations of a Lifetime, Atlantis Books in Santorini is the best bookstore in the world.

You will find it on the island, in Oia, into the side of a cliff , situated below street level, making it feel like you’re descending into a secret literature stoa. Atlantis Books was opened in 2004 by expats from the US, England, and Cyprus, who fell in love with Santorini and decided to stay.

“We found an empty building facing the sunset, drank some whiskey and signed a lease. We found a dog and cat, opened a bank account, applied for a business license, found some friends, built the shelves, landed a boat on the terrace and filled the place with books.” , their website writes.

The store has hosted readings on the terrace, bookbinding classes, and food and film festivals, National Geographic notes

Following Atlantis bookstore, in the list of 10 bookstores you should visit in your lifetime, come

The Top 100 Self-Improvement Blogs for 2014


Leading By Example

Instead of feeling outraged and acting on our anger in a negative way, we can lead by example. Watch someone slam a store door on an elderly person? Hold it open for them and help them with their bags. No one on the bus is giving up their seat for the pregnant woman? Stand up and give up yours. Without any expectations, without judgment, without self-righteousness. Do it because you feel it’s the right thing to do. Because you want to be proud of your behavior.

The best part about this course of action is that it’s two-fold: we get to try our best and be proud of our actions, behaving in a way that displays responsibility and contentiousness, and we get to set an example for others, without judgment or lecturing – we can lead simply by doing, and concentrate on our behavior instead of focusing on the actions of others. And the truth is, we have all been there – we have all been tired/lost/cranky/in a funk/angry (you name it, we’re all human), and made choices that, looking back, make us cringe…… by Breath of Optimism, awarded as on of the


The Top 100 Self-Improvement Blogs for 2014.,  Stay with us!!!


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The Power of Visual Healing

Beach Treasures, Kato Stalos, Crete, Greece | via Pinterest ,Flickr

Paros, Greece. Follw that light

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Moving Art by Louie Schwartzberg

Did you know just looking at nature helps your brain function better? In this recent Washington Post article, we learn of yet another study that proves this is true. Researchers found that “interrupting a tedious, attention-demanding task with a 40-second “microbreak” — in which one simply looks at a computerized image of a green roof — improved focus as well as subsequent performance on the task.”

Not only can viewing nature improve our focus, reduce stress, and re-energize us, but it can also affect what type of decisions we make for the future of our planet. In one study, researchers found that subjects who viewed a 12-minute nature documentary before playing a game that involved managing a fishery resource engaged in more sustainable behavior.

Visual Healing by Moving Art is set to break the mold by bringing the power of nature seen through Louie Schwartzberg’s films to people everywhere. In addition…

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When you’re told: “Office meeting in 5 minutes,” and you think, “What the f**k do they want from me now?”…… Check how desperately you may need your Vacation still. Now

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