Why the view of #Acropolis and #Athens sightseeing are #Moodmaking – Greek to me !

Could the Cradle of Western Civilization have a special brain effect to humanity  through Ages?

Does the view of such a monument, or a visit on the sacred hill alter our minds? And How Happy as an experience is that for a Traveler?

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Meet The Inspired #Tarot Of #Love, In the heart of #Athens – Greek to me !

“The tarot of unseen power puts in order the thoughts, cleans up the horizon and studies the power which defines the destiny, targets and facilitates the communication with the highest (sublime) self ”

Lydia Venieri…

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Invest in relationships… What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on #happiness 


The clearest message that we get from this 75-year study is this:

Good relationships keep us happier and healthier. Period.

Over and over, over these 75 years, our study has shown that the people who fared the best were the people who leaned in to relationships, with family, with friends, with community.

So what about you? Let’s say you’re 25, or you’re 40, or you’re 60. What might leaning in to relationships even look like?

The possibilities are practically endless. It might be something as simple as replacing screen time with people time, or livening up a stale relationship by doing something new together, long walks or date nights, or reaching out to that family member who you haven’t spoken to in years…  

Robert J. Waldinger (born 1951) is an American psychiatrist and Professor at Harvard Medical School. He is known for his  TED talks about his findings from the unique 75-year-long Harvard study on adult happiness.

Waldinger is the current Director of the Laboratory of Adult Development at Massachusetts General Hospital, a longitudinal study that has tracked the health and mental well-being of a group of 724 American men for 76 years.


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Change your Brain in Greece! the Blue Space Effect


For those who might have wondered why Greece does immediately make us happy , the reasons are one by one identified and proved by science. Blue space effect is of the primary ones . And it’s obvious.  In sight and in practice

It is  the impact of the sea, rivers, lakes on our happiness and well-being that is referred to as blue space and is being more and more often researched nowadays by neuro-scientists and psychologists

 Wallace J. Nichols, a marine biologist, has discussed and published the different ways bodies of water really can positively affect us and many psychologists have researched how just having blue space in front of you can boost your mental health.

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6 Tips for Using Journaling as a Path to Healing

There’s a body of research, including that of James Pennebaker, that shows the writing can be used as a powerful tool for healing with certain caveats. Writing permits us to not just to own our experiences in a different way—a point which may be crucial…

Source: 6 Tips for Using Journaling as a Path to Healing